Last 7+ Years in Plastic Thermoforming Application

Graphite Metallizing Corporation, the manufacturer of self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY® bushing materials, announces the success of their bushings in a high temperature plastic thermoforming application.   thermoformed plastic tray

The customer uses thermoforming to manufacture custom plastic designs. They specialize in plastic trays used for material packaging, shipping, and handling for a variety of industries including automotive, electronic, medical, and food packaging. 

The application is light load and slow speed, with an operating temperature of 350-400°F. This temperature creates a problem for oil or grease-lubricated rolling element bearings. In 2013, they purchased Graphalloy bushings to allow operation at this higher temperature, since Graphalloy bushings are self-lubricating and can withstand temperatures from -450°F (-265°C) to +1000°F (+535°C). 

GRAPHALLOY bushingA Graphalloy sales rep followed up with the company to see how the Graphalloy bushings were working, and the plant manager said they were working very well. He said he installed the bushings originally in early 2013 and the spares were still on the shelf.