GRAPHALLOY ® For Bearings in Damper Applications

Dampers are a maintenance problem for many companies. They experience high temperatures, require frequent greasing, and are often located in difficult to access areas.


Damper Flange Block BearingGRAPHALLOY® Install and Forget Features:

  • Temperature range from -400°F to +1000°F
  • Self-lubricating- requires no oil or grease
  • Will not seize or lock up
  • Self-aligning capabilities for proper alignment
  • Long life with maintenance-free operation



Where to use GRAPHALLOY®
Pillow Block and Flange Block Units:

  • Louver Dampers
  • Wind Boxes
  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Guillotine Dampers
  • Diverter Dampers
  • Radial Vane Dampers

Graphalloy damper pillow block with bushingGRAPHALLOY provides unique advantages because it combines the properties of graphite and metal. The graphite structure can be compared to a deck of cards with individual layers that are able to easily slide off the deck. This phenomenon gives the material a self-lubricating ability that is matched by no other material. External lubricants are simply not necessary. The material continues to work at temperature extremes. It is available as cylindrical bushings, split and metal backed bushings, as well as pillow block and flange units. Grades and designs are engineered to best serve the application.

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Chemical Refinery, Typical Graphalloy Damper Bearing Location

Succesful Case Histories with Graphalloy for Dampers

Power Plant Sees Longer Bearing LifeBearings for Dampers

A power plant in the midwest had difficulty operating the dampers that controls the flow of preheated air into the cumbustors. The hot air quickly dried out the lubricant in the steel damper bearings, causing the dampers to seize.

The problem was solved by replacing the steel bearings with self-lubricating Graphalloy bearings. These new bearings have been in operation for years without a single failure. The plant has also seen a substantial savings in costs for replacement bearings and labor.


Ten Years and Counting, No Failures

Low Maintenance Bearings for DampersA windbox dampers manufacturer needed four-bolt flange mount assemblies that could handle temperatures up to 800°F and provide self-alignment capability. They selected the 845F4 GRAPHALLOY assembly. They liked the self aligning method and the material's capability up to 1000°F. They have experienced 10 years and counting without any failures.


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June 17th, 2020