Vertical or Side-Entry, GRAPHALLOY Mixes It Up!


Industrial mixer manufacturers have been using self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY bushings for decades, especially in high-temperature environments. 

That’s why when it came to choosing a bearing for a newly designed side-entry tank mixer, a major manufacturer decided to put GRAPHALLOY bushings to the test.  Since this mixer was for a brewery application (part of the beer making process), the bushings needed to be oil-free, capable of being submerged and FDA acceptable.

Side-entering mixers work efficiently when a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering mixer or when headroom is severely limited.GRAPHALLOY Bushing 117

The company had been using GRAPHALLOY bushings in their various industrial mixers for many years and were pleased with the long life and low maintenance. Prior to using GRAPHALLOY, they had used a glass-filled Teflon material but their customers complained about the short life of these bushings.

Their new mixer is a high-efficiency, robust side-entry mixer designed for applications from 10,000 to 1,000,000 gallons, speed is 154 RPM, and temperature is 200°F.

Working with Graphite Metallizing engineers, they purchased thirteen pieces of GRAPHALLOY FDA acceptable bushings and installed them in the mixers in their brewery customer’s tanks.

After two months of successful operation, the GRAPHALLOY bushing became a standard part for this mixer. The GRAPHALLOY bushings have now been in operation at the brewery for over a year and everyone is pleased with the results.

GRAPHALLOY bushings are used in a variety of mixers with applications that include food equipment, oil refining, hydrocarbon polymers, municipal and wastewater treatment.


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