News and Articles

The articles and press releases listed below provide information about GRAPHALLOY products and industrial applications. Click on the the titles to be redirected to the full article or news release.

General Usage

"GRAPHALLOY Provides Help for Bearing Maintenance Problems" (DS2528-1)

"GRAPHALLOY Announces Tin Based Babbitt Materials" (DS2529-1)

"GRAPHALLOY Provides Pillow Block Solutions for Confined Areas" (DS2529-2)

"GRAPHALLOY Now Offers Metric Cam Followers"

"GRAPHALLOY No Lead Bronze"

"Steel Mill Order Largest GRAPHALLOY Split Pillow Block Bushing Ever Made"

"GRAPHALLOY Receives NSF Certification"

"GRAPHALLOY 845 Spherical Inserts Outperform Traditional Bearings in High Temperatures"

"Graphite Metallizing Celebrates 100th Anniversary"

"Graphite Metallizing Announces GRAPHALLOY Split Bushings for Continuous Screw Conveyor Service"

"GRAPHALLOY Material Receives UK WRAS Drinking Water System Approval"

"Graphite Metallizing Corporation Now Offers Self-Lubricating Metric Cam Followers for Extreme Environments"

"Graphite Metallizing Purchases Exalto UK Bearing Business"

"Graphel Corporation Relocates Manufacturing Operations"

"Reducing WWTP Filter Lubrication"


High Temperature Applications

"Solution to Georgia Pacific High Temperature Problems" (DS2528-2)

"GRAPHALLOY Yoke-Style Cam Followers Can Take the Heat"  (DS2529-3)

"GRAPHALLOY Bushings Provide Solutions to Tough Linear Motion Applications" (DS2529-7)

"Damper Solutions from GRAPHALLOY" (DS2529-8)

"Automotive Supplier's Change to GRAPHALLOY Bearings Increases Production in High Temperature Furnace"

"Graphite/Metal Alloy Bearings Save $250,000/ Year in High Temperature Glass Industry Application"

"GRAPHALLOY Announces Type 117 Bushings for High Temperature Applications"

"GRAPHALLOY High Temperature Cam Followers"

"GRAPHALLOY 453 High Temperature Bushings"

"GRAPHALLOY Bearings for Gas Burn-Off Flares"

"Graphite Metallizing Announces Bearings for High Temperature Oven Applications"

"Coal-Fired Power Plant Slashes Maintenance Time"

"Graphalloy Bushings Lasts 7+ Years in Plastic Thermoforming Application"


Cryogenic Temperatures

"Maintaining Lubricity in Cryogenic Temperatures"

"Cryogenic Pump Survival - Liquid Oxygen Service"



"GRAPHALLOY Announces Bushings That Outperform Metal Wear Parts in CO2Service"

"GRAPHALLOY Successful in Refinery Boiler Feedwater Pumps"

"Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumping System Provides Natural Gas Liquids Solution"

"Pumping New Life Into A Failed Pump"

"Self-Lubricating Bearings for Low Viscosity Liquids"

"Cooperation Helps to Eliminate Pump Failures"

"GRAPHALLOY - Success In Refinery Boiler Feedwater Pumps"

"GRAPHALLOY - The Solution For Off-Shore Platform Firewater Pumps"

"GRAPHALLOY Pump Bearings Excel in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Service"

"GRAPHALLOY Survives Where Plastic Fails"

"Alloy Bearings Cure Breakage Problems"

"Solving Subpar Pump Performance by Finding the Right Material"

"Facility Chooses Graphite-Metal Alloy Bearings"

"Desalination Plant Pumps Upgraded with GRAPHALLOY NSF® Certified Bearings"

"GRAPHALLOY Increases Efficiency, Output and MTBF In Overhung Pumps"


New Products

"New Stainless Steel Flange Blocks"

"GRAPHALLOY Long Wearing Pillow Blocks Model 163"

"GRAPHALLOY Tin Babbitt Bearings for High Temperature, Envionmentally Sensitive Designs"

"GRAPHALLOY Stainless Steel Cam Followers for Wet or Submersible Applications"


Run Dry Applications

"GRAPHALLOY Outperforms PEEK in Run Dry Conditions" (DS2528-3)


Harsh Environments

"GRAPHALLOY Works in the Harshest  Environments" (DS2528-4)

"Cost Saving Solutions for Harsh Environments" (DS 2528-5)

"GRAPHALLOY Bearings Withstand Harsh Conditions in Paper Plant" (DS2528-8)

"GRAPHALLOY Provided Cart Wheel Solutions in Extreme Environments" (DS2529-5)

"GRAPHLON GM 860 Abrasion Resistant Pump Bushing Material"

"GRAPHALLOY Screw Conveyor Bushings for Reliable Service"


Food Applications

"Food Applications Flyer" (DS2266-2)

"Bakery Oven Solutions" (DS2528-6)

"Bakery Applications" (DS2528-7)

"Pizza Oven Cam Followers" (DS2090-194)

"GRAPHALLOY Bearings: FDA Accepted for Food Processing Applications"


Bearings for Submerged Applications

"Graphite Alloy Bearings Provide Trouble Free Underwater Performance on a Submerged Treadmill"

"GRAPHALLOY Solves Underwater Bearing Problems on Submerged Physical Therapy Equipment"

"Graphite Metallizing Now Offers GRAPHALLOY Stainless Steel Pillow Blocks for Success in Submerged Applications"